Table Talk: Heaven’s in the Biscuits!

Table Talk: Heaven’s in the Biscuits!

Oh my gravy… and biscuits! Yep, I am diving back into an old favorite of mine. Those wonderful, fluffy biscuits. I have touched on this Southern delicacy before when I shared my recipe for homemade buttermilk biscuits, but my daughter has been telling me about the wonder of canned biscuits. It is easier for her to go for the trusty cans from her fridge than to make them from scratch since she has a 2 year old that is determined to explore the world. I can’t blame her there. Only 24 hours in a day, right?

She was telling me this morning about how last night she did something new with the canned biscuits and I can tell you, it has my mind racing with ideas. Her family was having spaghetti for supper. She usually has rolls or hoagies ready to make into garlic bread but she was out. Of course, she didn’t realize this until the last minute. Hubby was coming home from work soon and she had to think fast. Terri saw the two cans of Grand’s flaky biscuits in the door of her fridge and got a great idea. This is how she saved supper.

Fried Biscuit Rescue

Yes, we know that not having garlic bread with our tomato-y pasta isn’t the end all to the meal but it does leave something lacking at times, especially when you are used to having the pair as a norm. Terri loves to spoil her husband with food so she tries hard not to let those missing items haunt her.

fried biscuts donuts in a glass bowl on a wooden table

Terri put about a half inch to an inch of oil in a frying pan and laid the biscuits. She let them cook to a beautiful golden brown on both sides. She slathered the tops with butter and set out a shaker of garlic salt at the table. My son-in-law loved them and my granddaughter who thinks she can live on bread alone, couldn’t get enough of them. Terri did, however, manage to save a few for the next day. She placed them in a baggie and tossed in some cinnamon-sugar. Knowing that they may get hard in the fridge, she let them sit overnight at the table. The next morning, her little girl had cinnamon-sugar “donuts” with her breakfast. They were soft and, trust me, all gone in no time.

So Many Ideas!

Like I said before, my brain went racing while she told me about other things she did with her biscuits. A couple of things I knew because I do the same with my homemade. That just shows you can used either the handy cans from your fridge or a homemade version. You can find my recipe for homemade biscuits here.

biscuits and sausage gravy on a green plate on a checkered tablecloth

One of the things I do with biscuits is I press them into muffin pans like you would line it for a crust. I bake them the same temp and time as regular biscuits. These make wonderful bowls! You can fill with taco fixings, chicken alfredo or just about anything for the perfect tapas table.

For the sweet tooth in all of us, try pie filling. Heat on the stovetop and add just like it is or add it before baking the raw biscuit dough. You can mix cream cheese with sugar and spices and fill them for a savory/sweet snack.

Donut Heaven

As for the donut angle, those fried puffballs are luscious all to themselves but there are a few things Terri and I came up with for future craving attacks.

Using a simple cake decorating tool, fill the fried donut with sweet filling. Pie filling works great and comes in chocolate and vanilla cream. For the chunkier varieties like cherry and peach, run the filling through the food processor first for easy filling. Glaze the top with simple syrup or dust with powdered sugar.

filled doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar

Personally, I can’t get enough of donuts but mostly I go for the kind with the hole in the middle. These are super simple since all you need to do is take your raw biscuit and flatten it slightly. Take either a shot glass or a donut hole cutter and cut out the center. Fry them up just as Terri did for her garlic buns, browned on both sides in about an inch of sizzling oil. This is where the fun part comes. You can dust them with powdered sugar, cinnamon-sugar, or just glaze them with simple syrup. Try topping them with icing and sprinkles. Yum! By the way, you fry up the donut holes you get from this procedure, too. Oh my gravy!

Homemade ring doughnuts made from fried dough served on a white porcelain plate, close up with copy space

Cinnamon rolls are awesome, aren’t they? How about cinnamon croissants? Flatten out a raw biscuit and brush with melted butter. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Roll them just like you do with regular cinnamon rolls. Bake according to the can’s instruction for biscuits.

My grandkids love biscuits for breakfast but not necessarily in the traditional sense. They like it when I make waffles out of them. Just pop the raw biscuit in the waffle iron and a minute later you have waffles!


The biscuit just goes with everything no matter what form we turn it into. I hope I stirred up some ideas of your own for these tasty bites. Share in the comments any ideas you come up with. I am sure they are oh my gravy good!

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