Who am I?

Hi, I’m Lottie and I am so excited to share my kitchen with you. I have bread baking in the oven and the aromas are wafting through the neighborhood. Everyone is smiling and waving to each other. It’s a good life. Most of the time anyways. 🙂

My husband and I have a small half-acre homestead in Central Texas including all the crazy that comes with it: chickens, goats, pigs, cats, and dogs. I love the time I spend in the kitchen, and although it is just the two of us now, I still tend to cook for an army.

I’m a published author and write mostly fantasy. I have an epic fantasy on Amazon called Balance on the Terra, and I am working on a new urban fantasy series. I recently started short stories, as well, and that has been a fun experience for me.

I am an avid crafter. I crochet, sew, quilt, and just about any other kind of craft there is. My mom wanted to know how to do it all, so I got a wonderful opportunity to learn them with her. I taught my kids as much as I could and now their kids are learning. It’s a great legacy. Must have done something right since one of my daughters has her own crafting blog. I think she was born with a crochet hook in her hand. We all have something we know how to do. I am about to turn 52 and I’m just now learning who I am and what I can offer. I don’t know just how normal that is but normal was never my strong suit.

How did cooking become my passion?

I must admit I didn’t cook much in the 25 years I was married to my first husband. He was chief cook in our home, and he was amazing. That man could come up with a meal fit for a king with only a couple ingredients left in the pantry. He kept me, our five children and usually a wayward friend or two fed and happy. When he passed, I eventually had to face the fact that I couldn’t live on fast food. He had kept his recipes in his head, so I didn’t have any references there, either. So, what’s a girl to do with a hungry family to feed?

Yep. I called Mom.

My beautiful mom! She was about 16 here.

Trust me, I could hear her eyes rolling when I blurted out that I didn’t know how to cook. She tried to teach me when I was younger, but I was more interested in what was outside. I was a total tomboy.

So, she said to start from scratch. I thought she meant start from the beginning but nope. She meant scratch.

“You have to learn what’s in your food to know how to cook it.”

You know what? She was right. I started experimenting at first with seasoning mixes and making my own biscuit mix. That led to other things but to make a long story short, she was right in the “start from scratch” advice. David (my late husband) had talked about it for years. He enjoyed the magic of throwing random ingredients together and making everyone smile at the table.

That’s what I want for this blog as well. I was lucky that I had my mom to bail me out and make me learn my kitchen but not everyone has that. Well, you have me. I may not be a chef, but I am a mom, wife, and grandmother.

Check out my recipe index for menu ideas to inspire you and follow me on my social media pages. I will be sharing my favorite foodie links and articles I find, as well.

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Oh, did I mention I have a cookbook? I knew I forgot something. It is full of the basic mix recipes that I got started with and still use today! Check it out here.

8 Random Things About Me

1. I was raised in a Czech community out in the country. Everyone seemed to be related to each other in some way. In the 1800’s their ancestors came over from Moravia in Czechoslovakia and they kept many of the traditions and still speak the language. I cherish my memories living between the old world and the new.

Me and my husband, Perry

2. I got married when I was 16 to a wonderful man named David. We were married for 25 incredible years before his passing. His influence still lives on in our home.

3. I love crafting of all kinds. Except tatting. For some reason my fingers get knotted more than the thread. lol.

4. I have had 6 awesome kids. One is in heaven with her daddy, keeping him company. One of them was adopted but she looks just like the others. Funny how that turned out. 🙂

5. I love animals. We have 3 dogs and five cats (not counting the kittens). Animals are so caring. They do not ask for anything but to be loved and cared for, and they return that love daily.

6. I am not the best housekeeper in the world. My mom was always on top of everything and if there was dust at all, she would get in a tizzy because her house was “a mess”. I do not always get everything done but I do try. I am not perfect but I’m Lottie and I am a perfect version of me. So, I am satisfied with just learning new ways to make my family comfortable and happy. Even if that means I didn’t fold the laundry from today’s wash.

7. My husband’s name is Perry Crans and we met online playing a video game. That’s right. A video game. I am a lover of the mmorpg’s which is a type of video game where many people play together in a virtual world of some kind. We met playing a game called Everquest. He was my guild leader and I followed him around like a puppy. He lived in Arkansas and dropped everything there to move to Texas and be with me. Beat that, Prince Charming!

8. I used to be a singer. I went around the Central Texas area with a band called Wildfire and loved every minute of it. I decided to give it up when we decided to have children. David was also in the business but a bit more hardcore. It was a big change for both of us, but I am so happy we did it.

Well, that is me. Or at least a few pieces of me. I hope we get to know each other better in the weeks, months, years to come. I would love to hear from you and read your comments. Any suggestions about what you would like to see here would be appreciated. And please share my blog with your friends.

Bonus: 9. Yes, I am a hugger. 😍

Me and my late husband, David. That angel in his arms was our first grand baby, Lorelai.

Welcome to my table.